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Ep. 30 - Embracing Life's Left Turns and Crafting Your Guiding Star with Celia Swanson

Join co-hosts Andy Wilson and Celia Swanson on the latest episode of the Servant Leadership Today podcast by Doing Business in Bentonville

A DBB podcast episode on 'Embracing Life's Left Turns and Crafting Your Guiding Star with Celia Swanson'

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Navigating life's foggy moments requires a beacon, and that's precisely what Doing Business in Bentonville is illuminating with Servant Leadership Today's new lighthouse emblem and logo—their commitment to guiding you toward clarity and purpose in your personal and professional life. Co-host Celia Swanson, whose book 'Gracious and Strong' offers a wealth of knowledge, joins Andy to journey into the art of creating personal mission statements. Uncover how aligning your values with your life's purpose isn't just about elegant wording; it's about carving out a compass that directs your every choice and fosters growth. Andy and Celia don't stop there; they also delve into finding your unique voice, understanding its profound impact on those around you, and how to harness its power to leave a lasting imprint on the world.

Join them as they explore the less-traveled roads of life, discussing the left turns that often lead us to our most transformative chapters. Reflecting on the unforeseen detours in their respective paths, Celia and Andy share insights from their own journeys and the invaluable lessons those bends in the road have taught them. It's a candid exploration of how the unexpected can shape our mission and how, through servant leadership, we can live a life marked by service and excellence. Tune in for an episode that's brimming with inspiration and guidance, offering you the encouragement to stand at the helm of your life with a mission statement as your guiding star.

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