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About Doing Business in Bentonville

Watch as Executive Director, Andy Wilson, discusses the Legacy and Future of Doing Business in Bentonville

Demystify & Advance Omnichannel Retail

What is Omnichannel Retail?

It’s the interconnection of all the ways a consumer connects with a brand, a product, or an experience. It’s multiple, coordinated touchpoints on the customer journey. And ultimately, it’s how everyone’s shopping.


To establish, promote and secure Bentonville, Arkansas as the omnichannel retail center of the world.


To create an ecosystem that connects leaders of all kinds – industry, community, student, educational, civic, investment and entrepreneurial – to help overcome omnichannel retail barriers through exclusive, insight-rich content.


In today’s dynamic digital landscape, shopper expectations and behaviors are constantly evolving. The shopper journey is a full omni-channel experience. THIS is your resource – your go-to hub – for demystifying the world of omnichannel retail. And there’s no better place in the world to bring that vision to life than in Bentonville, Arkansas. Unlike anywhere else, Bentonville is home to the world’s leading retailer, thousands of vendors representing thousands of brands, marketing agencies, shopper marketing experts, social media specialists, and so much more. 

Through the connection of experts across this powerful network, we’ll deliver the insights and resources you need to break down the barriers of omnichannel retail. Here’s how: 

Coordinating with Experts: Shopper behaviors continuously evolve due to rapid advances in technology and access to information. These new behaviors drive a growing number of solutions, each with expert minds behind them. We’ll bring their fresh insights and ideas to you. 

Asking the Right Questions: It takes the right kind of experience to ask the right kind of questions. The DBB stakeholders, creators and facilitators have decades of experience in the shopper space; so you can guarantee you’re getting the answers you need on the industry’s most relevant topics. 

Creating Valuable Content: We’re committed to research, interviews, and content creation that helps our audience understand, engage, activate, and win with omnichannel retail.

Connecting the Community: We believe dynamic voices in the room lead to more powerful insights. We’ll bring together a symphony of experts and leaders across industries and disciplines to elevate the conversation. 

Multi-channel Media: Convenience is as important to you as it is to omni-channel shoppers. That’s why we deliver easily digestible content in all the ways you prefer to consume it - whether through articles, videos, podcasts, virtual or live events.

Doing Business in Bentonville Executive Director, Andy Wilson

About Executive Director, Andy Wilson

Throughout his career, Andy has developed and implemented for global fortune 500 companies including Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and The Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics. 

He’s been responsible for market expansion, defining strategic vision, and developing innovative sales and marketing strategies. During his 25-year career with Wal-Mart, Andy held store, regional, and divisional operation positions of increasing responsibility, culminating as Vice President of People Division (HR) for all domestic store operations with more than 900K associates and management staff. 

Andy has served as advisor to C-Suite executives and boards, and taught a lecture series of leadership and corporate strategy topics for a variety of organizations. He’s also developed an evaluation tool to assess an organization’s health in performance. Andy has held Board memberships with the Wal-Mart Alumni Board and three non-profit organizations. He speaks globally on topics including leadership, ethics, retail store operations, employee engagement and human resources. Andy’s global experience expands into 12 Markets within The Americas, Europe, and Asia. 

He’s studied at The University of Alabama, The College of William & Mary, The University of Michigan, John Brown University, The Walton School of Business, and Wal-Mart University.  

He continues to engage an audience through his unique storytelling approach to lead the next generation forward.