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Walmart, Vizio Tie-Up Delayed

HVAC Services Added, Credit Card Deal Suspended

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The proposed purchase of Vizio by Walmart is on hold, as the retailer works with federal regulators to address anti-competition concerns.

The pause, filed last week with the Federal Trade Commission, allows for an extended review period by federal regulators, now expected to last through late May.

Walmart announced plans in early March to purchase Vizio to fortify its position in connected TV and streaming content, directly rivaling Amazon's burgeoning advertising business via Vizio's SmartCast operating system and its substantial active account base.

This pause for further review underlines the significance of the move to acquire Vizio to deepen Walmart’s foray into The strategic acquisition is poised to synergize with Walmart Connect, the retailer's advertising venture launched in 2021, which is designed to amplify advertisers' reach across multiple customer touchpoints.

Walmart's recent legal victory over Capital One may lead to the termination of their 2018 agreement. Capital One had been the sole provider of Walmart-branded credit cards. A federal court sided with Walmart, agreeing that Capital One had breached the agreement due to inadequate customer service.

Simultaneously, Walmart is introducing HVAC services through a partnership with Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems. This initiative is part of a broader effort to meet consumers' day-to-day digital needs, directly competing with Amazon's forays into home maintenance and other services.

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