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Pioneering Carbon-Negative Textiles with Walmart and Rubi Labs

Transforming captured carbon emissions into usable fabric

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Walmart and Rubi Laboratories are piloting a project to create textiles from captured carbon emissions generated by manufacturers and facilities in Walmart's supply chain. The process, inspired by the way trees absorb CO2 to grow, involves capturing and converting carbon emissions and spinning the resulting cellulose into fabric. The final products are carbon-negative, resource-neutral textiles that can be used for clothing and other materials.

The pilot will test the integration of this technology at a larger scale within Walmart's supply chain and will also examine the performance of the Rubi fibers in a prototype garment. If successful, a larger apparel collection made from these textiles could be made available in Walmart stores.

This initiative aligns with Walmart's commitment to sustainability and affordability. The company aims to prototype an apparel line that can be produced at scale and made widely available to its customers. If successful, this project could lead to the creation of garments that offer value and contribute to a better environment.

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