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Digital Labels to Replace Paper in Walmarts

App-Based Drone Delivery in Testing

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Walmart is embarking on a major digital transformation, planning to roll out digital shelf labels across 2,300 stores by 2026. 

The electronic labels, developed by Vusion Group, allow workers to update prices using a mobile app, significantly reducing the time required for this task. What previously took two days will now be completed in minutes.

The labels come with innovative features such as “Stock to Light,” which signals restocking needs by flashing an LED light on the shelf tag, and “Pick to Light,” which guides employees to products required for online order fulfillment. These features streamline stock replenishment and order picking, enhancing productivity and accuracy.

The labels were piloted at a Grapevine, Texas store.

Walmart’s adoption of digital shelf labels positions it ahead of competitors like Target and Amazon in terms of dynamic pricing and promotion strategies, said Matthew Pavich, senior director of strategy & innovation at Revionics.

“Once this new technology is rolled out, Walmart can move as quickly as it wants on prices, doing it cheaper and with higher compliance than their competition,” he told media outlets.

Walmart leadership pointed to the labels as an example of Walmart’s commitment to “adaptive retail,” catering to various shopping preferences, whether online, social media, in-store, or car delivery.

In another Texas based ‘pilot,’ drone delivery for orders placed on the Walmart app will soon debut in the Dallas market. The service offers a variety of items, from groceries to video games, delivered by drones. This move is part of Walmart’s broader strategy to create a “Unified Commerce” ecosystem that merges online and offline experiences.

Sam’s Club, meanwhile, unveiled a new focus on a different kind of label, launching an innovative approach to private label development with its Member’s Mark Community. This initiative invites 50,000 participants to test and trial products before they hit the shelves, enhancing personalization and customer satisfaction. Members provide feedback on products, influencing design and features to better align with customer needs.

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