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Navigating the Industrial Metaverse: The Importance of Clear and Steady Change Management

Overcoming adoption hurdles in the industrial metaverse through a culture of trust, openness, and continuous skill upgradation

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The industrial metaverse, a blend of human-led and tech-powered solutions merging physical and digital environments, holds immense potential for transforming industries. It can increase efficiency, reduce waste and costs by enabling businesses to simulate and optimize processes like manufacturing and supply chain activities in a virtual environment. However, successful adoption hinges on managing skepticism and fear of change among stakeholders.

Business leaders must develop an intentional, results-driven approach to industrial metaverse adoption that prioritizes trust and transparency among all stakeholders. This includes addressing key barriers such as cybersecurity and skills development. Cybersecurity is a top concern, as it is not keeping pace with the development of the industrial metaverse. Therefore, businesses must develop secure architecture, implement new controls for digital assets, and secure their metaverse supply chains.

Skills management is another area of concern. As industrial metaverse technologies evolve, it becomes challenging to identify the optimal skills required for successful operation. Technological transformation will require the development of new skills, adoption of new roles and responsibilities, and alignment of expectations across the organization.

By coupling responsible innovation with a pragmatic change management approach, organizations can unlock immense benefits with the industrial metaverse. These benefits include improved collaboration capabilities, enhanced upskilling, improved safety, and decreased wastefulness of core business processes.

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