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USPS Receives Approval to Launch Ground Advantage Shipping Service

The U.S. Postal Service introduces ground advantage to compete in the package delivery market

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The U.S. Postal Service has gained approval from the Postal Regulatory Commission to launch its new shipping service, USPS Ground Advantage, on July 9. Ground Advantage combines existing shipping services and returns options, offering a simpler, more reliable, and cost-effective solution for shipping packages across the continental United States within two to five business days. With an integrated network for mail and packages, the Postal Service aims to provide predictable and dependable service, ensuring deliveries meet their promised timelines with high certainty. Ground Advantage positions the Postal Service to better compete with other carriers in the package delivery market, streamlining services and offering competitive ground shipping options. A grace period until September 30 allows a smooth transition for shippers currently using predecessor services, avoiding penalties or assessments during this period.

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