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How Brands are Utilizing the Metaverse to Enhance Customer Experience

Online retailer J. Crew partners with Obsess to create a gamified virtual store for customers to mark its 40th anniversary

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To mark its 40th anniversary, J. Crew has introduced an immersive virtual shopping experience in collaboration with e-commerce platform Obsess. The virtual store, designed as a beach house, offers customers a unique and interactive journey through white-paneled rooms, a boathouse, and a secret lighthouse, showcasing the brand's history and popular apparel. Shoppers can explore and purchase items as they would in a physical store, while engaging with games and quizzes that enhance the experience. The use of avatars and gamification techniques aims to increase engagement and keep customers immersed in the virtual environment for longer periods. Obsess, which powers over 200 virtual stores for various retailers, provides a user-friendly interface that creates a more immersive digital experience. The introduction of avatars and interactive elements has shown to significantly increase engagement and checkout rates for participating brands. J. Crew's virtual shopping experience demonstrates the potential for immersive online retail and offers a rich opportunity to captivate and retain customer attention.

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