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Walmart Takes Steps Towards Waste Reduction and Sustainability in Fulfillment Network

Transitioning to recyclable paper bag mailers and right-sized packaging to eliminate thousands of tons of plastic waste

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Retail giant Walmart has announced its commitment to reducing packaging waste associated with online orders by implementing various sustainability measures. These include replacing plastic mailers with recyclable paper bag mailers, right-sizing cardboard box packaging, offering customers the option to consolidate shipping, eliminating single-use plastic bags for online pickup orders, and optimizing last-mile delivery to reduce mileage and delivery times. By transitioning to paper bag mailers, Walmart anticipates eliminating 65 million plastic bag mailers, amounting to more than 2,000 tons of plastic, by the end of the fiscal year. The company is also implementing right-sized packaging technology to minimize unused space in boxes and reduce the need for fillers while allowing customers to consolidate multiple items into fewer boxes. Furthermore, Walmart utilizes artificial intelligence to fulfill online orders from stores instead of fulfillment centers, reducing the number of miles driven and boxes used for shipping. These sustainability efforts align with Walmart's commitment to achieving zero emissions by 2040 and its focus on becoming a more regenerative company that prioritizes social and environmental issues.

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