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Sustainable… Ketchup?

New Caps Increasing Recyclability of Bottles

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Kraft Heinz has introduced its first fully recyclable cap for squeezy ketchup bottles.

The new caps, already being rolled out in the United Kingdom, address the recycling challenges presented by the traditional silicone valve caps that have been standard across the squeeze-bottle sector.

Silicone caps have to be separated from the polypropylene material during recycling.

The new cap, made entirely from polypropylene, is designed to be fully recyclable without compromising functionality.

This change is expected to prevent 300 million plastic lids from reaching landfills annually.

The recyclable caps are being introduced across the UK on 400ml and larger top-down bottles of Heinz Tomato Ketchup, with plans to extend this to other Heinz sauce products in the UK and Europe.

The 2024 Sustainability and Convenience in Packaging Survey, involving 1,000 U.S. adults, found that 54% of young consumers (18-34 years old) prefer products with sustainable packaging "always" or "often," compared to only 33% of respondents aged 35 and older. Furthermore, a significant majority of young consumers are willing to pay more, travel farther, or accept less convenience for sustainable packaging options.

The development of the recyclable cap represents an extensive effort involving eight years of development, 45 prototypes, and over 185,000 hours of work, Kraft Heinz said. Consumer surveys have confirmed that the cap not only meets but also enhances the product use experience by allowing more efficient product use, especially when the bottle is nearly empty.

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