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Alibaba Pushes International Growth

Walmart, Amazon in Sights as AliExpress Choice Rolls Out

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Alibaba Group is making bold moves to expand its global presence in the online marketplace, setting its sights on competing with retail giants like Walmart and Amazon. With a strategy focused on enhancing the shopping experience for customers around the world, Alibaba has seen its international sales jump by 44% to $4.02 billion in a recent quarter. Despite these gains, the aggressive push into new markets and improvements to customer services have led to financial losses in the short term, with a notable decrease in profits.

The drive to enhance Alibaba's global e-commerce footprint comes as the company aims to compete more directly with Walmart and Amazon, both of which have made significant strides in online retail. Walmart has leveraged its vast network of physical stores to grow its online sales, while Amazon continues to dominate the global e-commerce market with its extensive product range, advanced logistics, and cloud computing services.

A significant part of Alibaba's strategy involves the AliExpress Choice program, aimed at offering a wider variety of products and competitive prices on its AliExpress platform. This initiative, while successful in driving sales, has also been costly, contributing to the company's financial downturn. Nonetheless, Alibaba is doubling down on this approach, planning further investments to strengthen its supply chain and make cross-border transactions smoother for merchants and customers alike.

In an effort to broaden its reach in Europe, Alibaba has acquired Visable, a European B2B digital trade platform. This acquisition is intended to expand Alibaba's supplier base in the region and push forward its global expansion, signaling Alibaba's ambition to become a more dominant player in international e-commerce.

Despite facing short-term financial challenges as a result of these investments, Alibaba is positioning itself as a formidable competitor to Walmart and Amazon, aiming to reignite growth in its core e-commerce and cloud computing businesses.

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