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Private Label Focus Growing

Retailers Hope to Retain Bargain-Seekers

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Consumers are increasingly prioritizing value in their shopping habits, driving a significant shift in the retail landscape. Major retailers are responding by expanding their private-label offerings, seeking to capture the growing segment of the market that is trading down to more affordable alternatives.

This shift towards private-label and D2C offerings reflects a broader change in consumer behavior, as evidenced by PYMNTS Intelligence research. Shoppers, facing ongoing financial pressures, are not only seeking low-priced alternatives but are also increasingly concerned about the trustworthiness and reliability of their shopping channels. This has led to a notable decline in consumer loyalty to brand-name products and a willingness to explore cheaper, lesser-known alternatives.

The trend also encompasses consumer behavior in the digital realm. The sale of the discount e-commerce platform Wish at a much lower price than expected highlights the challenges faced by online marketplaces in maintaining consumer trust and reliability. Meanwhile, luxury brands like Ralph Lauren and Chanel are increasingly adopting direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategies, bypassing traditional retail channels to forge closer connections with their customers.

The movement towards more value-driven shopping is reshaping the retail industry, prompting retailers to innovate and adapt to meet changing consumer demands. As the market continues to evolve, the ability of retailers and brands to offer quality, value, and trust will be crucial in attracting and retaining cost-conscious shoppers.

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