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AI Shopper Assistant for IKEA

Swedish Furniture Giant’s App Utilizes ChatGPT Interface

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Ikea has introduced a new generative artificial intelligence shopping assistant powered through the ChatGPT platform.

The Ikea AI Assistant allows consumers to inquire about product details, availability, and receive personalized shopping assistance directly through ChatGPT. For instance, customers can request information about dining tables suitable for eight people and receive product suggestions complete with images, prices, and average customer ratings.

Additionally, the AI can provide direct checkout links, design tips, and even show how various Ikea products would look together in a specific setting, like a kitchen.

Announced on February 5, this tool is part of Ikea's efforts to enhance the retail experience by utilizing AI to interact with customers and coworkers, aiming to expand to other markets in 2024.

Ikea's initiative reflects a broader trend among major retailers to incorporate generative AI tools to facilitate online shopping.

Walmart has also introduced a generative AI-powered search feature in its app, providing personalized shopping experiences based on the user's location, search history, and other data.

Amazon’s offering in the sector is Rufus, an AI shopping assistant launched recently for a select group of U.S. customers, with plans for a wider rollout.

These moves by Ikea, Amazon, and Walmart underscore the growing integration of AI in retail, aiming to simplify the shopping process and offer tailored consumer experiences.

No word yet on whether suggestions will include the IKEA meatball recipe.

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