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Harvest Group Expands Reach

Local agency adding client teams, leaning into tech platform

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Harvest Group will tout themselves as an integrated commerce agency, aiming to streamline solutions for brands navigating the fragmented service provider landscape, the Rogers-based group announced last week.

This transformation signifies a strategic evolution from a segmented service model to a unified approach, integrating all commerce solutions in-house to foster growth and efficiency for clients, CEO Ross Cully said in a release announcing the changes.

Central to this new strategy is Harvest Group’s proprietary commerce technology platform, which leverages API partnerships with major retailers to offer brands comprehensive insights across retail channels.

The agency has expanded its services to include new client service teams for Costco, Amazon, Albertsons, and Harris Teeter, developed a Market Strategy and Insights team, and enhanced its digital content and retail media offerings.

Additionally, it has invested in data innovation, including AI and access to emerging datasets like Amazon Marketing Cloud and Walmart’s Luminate.

With these advancements, Harvest Group hopes to provide a holistic commerce solution to support brands at major retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and others.

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