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Ep. 24 - Navigating Walmart's Marketplace - with Michael Lebhar

Michael Lebhar, CEO and co-founder of SellCord, narrates his transition from a teenage garage startup to placing products in Walmart stores, while providing strategies for optimizing e-commerce listings and navigating Walmart's Marketplace for successful product launches

A DBB podcast episode on 'Navigating Walmart's Marketplace - with Michael Lebhar'

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Ever thought about the journey of a product from an online listing to the vast shelves of Walmart stores? Join us with Michael Lebhar, the CEO and co-founder of SellCord, as he shares the captivating tale of his entrepreneurial venture that started when he was just 16. He managed to transform his garage startup into a thriving e-commerce business, eventually landing his products in Walmart stores nationwide.

Michael walks us through the maze of the e-commerce world, shedding light on how Walmart's Marketplace is becoming a pivotal revenue generator for brands. Discover how to optimize your product listings, use targeted advertising campaigns, and consider SEO for better organic ranking to stand out in the crowd. Learn how to navigate Walmart's platform, where early birds have the potential to reap substantial benefits due to relatively low competition.

Finally, we get a peek into the process of launching a product on Walmart Marketplace and the exciting but challenging path to getting it into Walmart stores. Michael gives us a rundown of the risks and opportunities involved, stressing the significance of building trust with the retailer. Michael's entrepreneurial journey and his expert advice offer a treasure trove of insights for anyone considering expanding their brand's reach to Walmart. So tune in, and take a strategic leap towards success with your e-commerce business.