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Ep. 14 - Revolutionizing Retail Warehousing with Brendan Howell

Brendan Howell, CEO of LoLoft Inc. discusses how the world of warehousing is changing with today’s retail world

A DBB podcast episode on 'Revolutionizing Retail Warehousing with Brendan Howell'

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Join us on an exhilarating journey to Bentonville, Arkansas, as we sit down with Brendan Howe, a trailblazing entrepreneur who hails from the beautiful shores of New Zealand. Brendan has made waves in the tech industry with his inventive creations, including Dropit, a thrilling 60-second reverse auction platform. However, it's his latest venture, Lowloff, that's redefining how companies navigate challenges, especially in the face of a global pandemic.

In this conversation, Brendan unveils the grand vision behind Lowloff - a mission to uncomplicate the omni-channel experience. Discover how they're breathing new life into underutilized retail locations and partnering with retail giant Walmart to broaden their offerings. The focus is on rapid delivery, a game-changer in today's fast-paced world. Brendan also shares about Lowloff's ambitious plans to revolutionize the commercial real estate industry with flexible leasing options and a global expansion strategy. Ending the episode on an inspiring note, Brendan offers sage advice to budding entrepreneurs on how to make waves in any industry. Get ready for a wealth of entrepreneurial wisdom and a peek into the future of retail and real estate.