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Shoptalk Europe 2023 Forecasts the Future of Omnichannel Retail

Exploring the role of key technologies and channels in the future of retail

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Barcelona’s Shoptalk Europe 2023 annual retail conference surfaced powerful industry projections ranging from enhanced Ai integration to the evolution of the omni-channel shopper experience.

Future omni-channel offerings will aim to serve up a more “continuous” journey where customers can seamlessly switch between channels. While we’re already seeing evidence of this with the fluidity across online, curbside and in-store transactions for a single retailer, we can expect to see more enhancements. To optimize the experience, retailers and brands will need to continue to evolve with research to identify and eliminate customer pain points across the journey.

As part of the cross-channel play, physical store expansion is also top of mind for major e-commerce players Amazon, Alibaba and as they look to better serve their customers.

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