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Harnessing Data to Overcome Supply Chain Challenges

Modernizing supply chains through precision data and enhanced vendor-retailer relationships

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The retail industry is grappling with supply chain issues, with products not making it from warehouses to store shelves despite ample inventory. This disconnect is attributed to a business model that has not fully adapted to modern shopping behaviors, including the rise of omnichannel retail. To address these challenges, businesses need to modernize their supply chains through precision data, updated shipping methods, and improved vendor-retailer relationships.

The advent of omnichannel retail, which includes in-store, online, ship-to-store, and curbside pickup, has complicated inventory management and supply chain flows. To navigate these complexities, businesses need to leverage data to identify friction points and trace problems back to their source. By sharing data with supply chain management partners, retailers and suppliers can make better logistics decisions.

The solution to empty shelves is not simply buying more inventory, but rather using precision data to predict consumer behaviors and identify trends. This approach allows retailers to allocate inventory as close to the demand period as possible, improving stock levels without needing to carry excess inventory.

Suppliers also play a crucial role in improving just-in-time inventory models. They can use point-of-sale data shared by retailers to make recommendations about restocking, adjusting assortments, and increasing sales. As technology advances, suppliers can offer more flexible packaging options and regional shipping, helping to move more products and set themselves apart as valuable collaborators.

Data-driven insights are key to solving supply chain woes. By modernizing supply chains and leveraging precision data, businesses can better manage inventory, meet consumer demands, and ultimately enhance their profitability.

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