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Revolutionizing SMBs and Nonprofits: Walmart Business Launches Innovative App

A one-stop digital platform offering comprehensive services, enhanced product selection, and streamlined operations for small to medium businesses and nonprofits

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Walmart Business has introduced a new app designed to support small and medium businesses (SMBs) and nonprofits, following a survey that revealed 97% of respondents spend time daily on administrative or operational tasks. The app aims to help these organizations save time, money, and effort by offering a broad product range, including office furniture, supplies, breakroom provisions, technology, and classroom essentials. It also provides flexible and convenient options for order delivery, multi-user accounts, and a streamlined ordering process.

In collaboration with Angi, Walmart Business now connects customers with highly-rated professionals in their communities, facilitating services like office furniture assembly, TV wall mounting, and shelving installation. The app also introduces a spend analytics tool for Walmart Business+ members, providing insightful data on organizational spending patterns to aid in budgeting decisions and buying policies.

Furthermore, Walmart has expanded its marketplace selection, offering SMBs and nonprofits access to millions of items and providing additional growth opportunities for third-party sellers. This initiative is part of Walmart's ongoing commitment to delivering the right products and services at the right prices, saving customers time, money, and hassle.

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