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Ep. 3 - What is the Biggest Problem the Customer Has That's Worth Solving - with Andy Murray

Our Executive Director, Andy Wilson, sits down with CEO / Found of bigQUEST, Andy Murray, and discusses the secrets behind Omnichannel Marketing

A DBB podcast episode on 'What is the Biggest Problem the Customer Has That's Worth Solving - with Andy Murray'

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In this episode of The Omni Retail Show, Andy Wilson, the Executive Director of Doing Business in Bentonville, interviews Andy Murray, the CEO and Founder of bigQUEST. They discuss Murray's career journey, including his time at ASDA in the UK, his late entry into retail, and his decision to help companies drive customer-centric change.

Murray explains the concept of his company, bigQUEST, which aims to bring together all areas that touch the customer, such as product, customer experience, pricing strategy, and corporate affairs. He emphasizes the importance of thinking holistically about change to improve the customer experience.

The conversation then shifts to the challenges of omnichannel marketing. Murray suggests that the key to successful omnichannel marketing is to identify the biggest problem the customer has that's worth solving, have a clear outcome in mind, identify the biggest barrier to overcome, figure out how to measure success, and decide what to do every single day.

They discuss the importance of engaging everyone in the organization in the change process and making it part of their daily routine. They also highlight the importance of focusing on the customer and providing real choice in the in-store environment.

Murray suggests that many categories are over-ranged and under-choiced, and that there is an opportunity for brands to provide more choice. He also discusses the importance of being a good merchant, both for retailers and suppliers.

They conclude the video by discussing the importance of brick-and-mortar stores in omnichannel marketing, and the challenges that platforms like Amazon face in providing a good merchant experience. They agree to continue the discussion in a part two of the video, where they plan to discuss retail media.

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