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Amazon Moves on Checkout Tech

Offers No-Touch Exit to Grocers, Third-Party Vendors

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Amazon is now offering its Dash Cart and Just Walk Out checkout technologies to third-party retailers.

The company sees potential for both programs in smaller retail environments and is actively working on next-generation systems to enhance performance.

Amazon's data indicates a strong customer preference for Dash Cart in larger stores due to features like real-time tracking of savings and shopping navigation, and the technology has shown to increase spending by 10% at Amazon Fresh stores.

The company is expanding "Just Walk Out" technology across various third-party locations globally, including travel retailers and sports stadiums, noting significant transaction increases at venues like Seattle's Lumen Field.

The company is competing with services like Instacart to become the leading e-commerce provider for brick-and-mortar grocery stores, leveraging advanced technologies to offer omnichannel shopping experiences that meet evolving consumer demands.

Walmart has experimented with similar no-touch checkout features, but only in select locations.

In a related development, Aldi has introduced a cashier-free checkout experience called "ALDIgo" at one of its stores in Aurora, Illinois.

The technology, from Grabango, uses computer vision to track items selected by customers, allowing them to exit the store without waiting in line or scanning purchases.

Traditional checkout options with a cashier are also still available for those who prefer it.

The pilot of ALDIgo comes at a time when Aldi is experiencing a surge in store traffic, with significant year-over-year increases in monthly visits, as reported by Aldi's operates more than 2,200 stores across 38 states, employing more than 45,000 associates.

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