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File Baby Signs Local Artist

BAANG First Musician to Sign on Authentication Service File Baby

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Bentonville hip-hop artist BAANG is the first musician taking advantage of the File Baby media authentication system.

File Baby Co-Founder and CEO Karen Kilroy, along with President Orson Weems, visited Love More Records' studio, signing BAANG as the first musical artist to claim their music on File Baby. This partnership marked BAANG (real name Jeremiah Pickett) as the inaugural musician to secure their music on File Baby.

BAANG, together with Love More Records' COO Greg "GT" Thompson, successfully claimed his future hit single on the platform.

BAANG's debut release with Love More Records, produced by Prokid, is set to launch on March 1, 2024.

The session involved BAANG, under the guidance of Kilroy and Weems, creating a unique digital identifier for his track. This identifier, embedded in his song, ensures its authenticity is preserved when shared, while also instructing AI not to use the track for training purposes.

BAANG expressed his excitement about being the pioneer in utilizing File Baby, highlighting the platform's uniqueness.

"File Baby is something special," stated BAANG, "and I'm the first!"

File Baby is a sophisticated AI-driven platform specializing in ensuring the authenticity and provenance of digital and original content. It employs cutting-edge technology to authenticate the integrity and originality of diverse digital media types, thereby establishing trust in the digital landscape. File Baby is adept at confirming the origins and authenticity of documents, images, audio, and video files, providing users with confidence in the accuracy of their digital assets.

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