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AI Tech Gets Personal

Biometric Checkout, Voice-Recognition Phone Orders, Music-To-Fashion AI Among New Rollouts

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In an innovative push towards personalizing the shopping experience, several companies have unveiled new technology-driven services that tailor to consumers' unique tastes and preferences, each blending different elements of modern life with cutting-edge technology.

Stitch Fix, in collaboration with Spotify, has introduced "Style Tune-Ups," a unique styling service that combines music and fashion. This interactive experience utilizes shopper study data points to offer personalized style recommendations alongside curated playlists and virtual styling appointments for concertgoers. The service aims to harness the significant influence of music on fashion choices, highlighted by Stitch Fix's 2024 Style Forecast, which shows a strong connection between clients' style inspirations and their favorite music artists. Starting the experience within the Spotify app, users complete a short quiz on their style preferences, leading to personalized playlist curation and styling advice for upcoming musical events, effectively marrying individual style with music preferences.

Bold Commerce has launched its first biometric checkout option, powered by Wink. This innovative checkout solution allows customers to use their faces and voices to complete purchases, offering a more personalized and frictionless shopping experience. This step forward in eCommerce technology aims to increase conversion rates, customer loyalty, and average order values by integrating biometrics throughout the entire checkout process, moving beyond the limitations of current device-based biometric solutions and offering a seamless experience across all shopping channels.

SoundHound and Jersey Mike’s Subs have announced a partnership to implement a voice AI phone ordering system. This system, optimized for natural human speech, allows customers to place orders effortlessly, answering a wide range of inquiries from menu options to store information. Initially available at 50 locations, this technology aims to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by handling multiple orders simultaneously and freeing up staff to focus on in-store service.

Etsy has rolled out "Gift Mode," an AI and human-curated gift-finding hub designed to streamline the gift-giving process. By inputting information about the gift recipient, users can explore a wide array of personalized gift options selected by Etsy's machine learning technology. This new feature targets to expand Etsy's reputation as a premier destination for gifts by leveraging its vast collection of over 100 million items, catering to more than 200 unique personas such as "The Music Lover" and "The Adventurer."

These technological advancements highlight a trend towards more personalized and efficient consumer experiences, leveraging AI, biometrics, and data analytics to cater to the evolving needs and preferences of modern shoppers.

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