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It’s Game On for Grocers

Gamified shopping experiences look to impact the grocery industry

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Instacart wants to turn shopping into a game by integrating gamification elements similar to those found in popular mobile games into shopping carts.

The ‘games’ allow shoppers to earn rewards and discounts through interactive activities. For example, shoppers can spin a virtual wheel on the smart cart screen to win prizes, encouraging repeat visits and larger purchases. Check out some of the features and their goals below.

Offer prizes for consistent shopping behavior, such as shopping a certain number of times within a set period. The goal: Rewarding frequent shoppers

Incentivize customers to increase their average shopping basket size through rewards. The goal: Encouraging larger purchases

Using the cart's location sensors and in-store navigation, challenge shoppers to find and scan specific products. The goal: Enhancing product discovery and engagement

Offer personalized discounts and recommendations based on individual shopping habits and preferences, leveraging AI-powered pricing and promotion platforms. The goal: Personalized discounts and recommendations.

No word yet on any appearances by Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog or the Mario Brothers.

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