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Ep. 22 - Cross Merchandising and Omnichannel Approaches - with Misty Bonee

Misty Bonee, SVP of Sales at Bay Cities, joins the show to discuss point-of-purchase displays, cross-merchandising, Omnichannel strategies, and much more

A DBB podcast episode on 'Cross Merchandising and Omnichannel Approaches - with Misty Bonee'

Table of Contents

Ready to do a deep dive into the world of retail and supply chain management? Clear your schedule, because we guarantee that you won't want to miss the insights from our guest, Misty Bonee. A veteran of 25 years in Walmart, Misty has plenty of wisdom to share, especially regarding the importance of focusing on customers and associates. Hear her thoughts on the shift towards point-of-purchase displays and how it impacts the retail experience.

We then navigate the complex terrain of cross-merchandising and the Omnichannel universe. With Misty guiding us, we’ll explore how multi-vendor, multi-department displays can captivate customers and drive sales, the role of accuracy in the supply chain, and the cutting-edge direct shipping services provided by Bay Cities Logistics. Plus, we talk about the need for consistent branding across all platforms for a seamless shopping experience.

Finally, we zoom in on the crucial role of consistency in branding and product quality in retail. Hear from Misty as she shares her personal experience with multi-vendor displays and the use of augmented reality to elevate the customer's shopping experience. Plus, get a sneak peek into how Bay Cities is preparing for the holiday season and the steps suppliers can take to connect with them. And, as an added bonus, hear Misty's valuable insight on the importance of strong supplier relationships and giving back to the community. All this and more in a jam-packed episode that you won't want to miss!