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Ep. 12 - From Store Floors to Executive Doors at Walmart with Helena Gadison

Helena Gadison joins the podcast and talks about her journey from a temporary associate to a Walmart Executive

A DBB podcast episode on 'From Store Floors to Executive Doors at Walmart with Helena Gadison'

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Helena Gadison, a former Walmart executive, shares her inspiring journey with Andy Wilson on the Doing Business In Bentonville podcast. Rooted in a strong foundation provided by her mother, Helena was taught that with faith and determination, she could achieve any goal. This belief system played a pivotal role in shaping her academic and professional trajectory, guiding her through challenges and opportunities alike.

During her impressive 16-year stint at Walmart, Helena's unwavering dedication and work ethic were evident. A memorable chapter from her early days at Walmart includes a serendipitous encounter with the company's founder, Sam Walton, and Bill Fields, while she was working as a temporary associate in Muskogee, Oklahoma. This meeting not only left an indelible mark on Helena but also paved the way for her future roles and responsibilities within the company.

Helena's career is a testament to her proactive approach to embracing challenges and her knack for turning them into opportunities. Her story underscores the importance of a strong foundational belief, the value of seizing opportunities, and the impact of mentorship and guidance in shaping one's career.

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