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Ep. 9 - The Fabric of Success in an Omnichannel World with Julie McKenzie

Julie McKenzie, CCO of Trident Group, discusses sustainability and the nuances of effective leadership

A DBB podcast episode on 'The Fabric of Success in an Omnichannel World with Julie McKenzie'

Table of Contents

Andy Wilson sits down with Julie McKenzie, the Chief Commercial Officer of Trident Group, to discuss her illustrious career and the innovative strides Trident is making in the textile industry. Julie opens up about her journey, starting from her retail roots at Dillard's, moving on to a significant stint at Walmart, and finally landing her current role at Trident Group. She provides a detailed look into Trident's operations, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability and vertical integration, which sees the company overseeing every step from raw cotton to finished home textile products.

The conversation takes a deeper dive into Trident Group's eco-friendly initiatives, particularly its paper division that uses wheat straw instead of cutting down trees. Julie highlights how Trident's products have a broad retail presence, ranging from high-end stores like Nordstrom to more budget-friendly outlets like Family Dollar. She outlines her role as the Chief Commercial Officer, which encompasses a range of responsibilities including marketing, merchandising, branding, and customer relations.

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