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The Eco-Affordability Challenge for Retailers

Expert panel to explore how retailers can marry cost-effectiveness with eco-consciousness

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The ongoing financial strain affecting households worldwide has put retailers in a challenging position: how to offer affordable options while also maintaining eco-friendly practices. To tackle this issue, a forthcoming webinar will bring together industry specialists from various organizations, including WRAP and Accolade Wines. The session aims to present new consumer data and trends, examining how public sentiment has changed over the last year.

The virtual event will focus on key areas such as environmentally responsible packaging and minimizing food waste. It aims to provide solutions that align with both consumer budget constraints and their desire for sustainable choices. The webinar will explore how to reconcile the apparent conflict between cost-effectiveness and eco-consciousness among consumers.

The goal of the webinar is to equip retailers with actionable insights to appeal to cost-sensitive yet environmentally aware customers. Topics to be discussed include retaining customer loyalty in a price-sensitive market, creating sustainable packaging that doesn't inflate costs, and crafting messages that appeal to consumers concerned about both cost and sustainability. The event is scheduled for September 28th and promises to offer critical guidance for the retail sector.

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