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Start up Aisle Launches Tech Wheels

AI-Powered, self-driving shopping carts solve weight management and navigation challenges

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Portland-based startup Aisles has introduced an innovative product called Tech Wheels, aimed at transforming the retail shopping experience and helping stores improve their bottom lines. Tech Wheels are AI-powered, self-driving shopping carts that serve as personal assistants to shoppers. They navigate the store based on the shopping list provided, offer smart weight management features, enhance security, and provide affordability. The carts have filed for a patent and include a Talk or Text functionality, enabling them to answer queries and offer recipe suggestions. Aisles has prioritized cost optimization to make Tech Wheels accessible to retailers of all sizes. The startup is in talks for potential global expansion and securing funding to support its growth. Aisles aims to reshape the retail industry by leveraging AI technology to address common challenges and enhance the shopping experience for customers and retailers alike.

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