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Ep. 5 - Retail Analytics and Omnichannel Innovation with Cheryl Yarbrough

SVP of Shiloh Technologies, Cheryl Yarbrough, talks about data analytics, customer engagement, and the evolving face of retail

A DBB podcast episode on 'Retail Analytics and Omnichannel Innovation with Cheryl Yarbrough'

Table of Contents

Executive Director Andy Wilson, hosts a conversation with Cheryl Yarborough. They reminisce about their shared experiences and Cheryl's diverse background in retail, including her time at Walmart and other major companies. Cheryl delves into her current role as the SVP of Sales and Marketing at Shiloh Technology, a software company specializing in retail analytics. She explains Shiloh's approach to handling supplier data, emphasizing their pioneering work in harmonizing data from various sources for analytics. The discussion also touches on the challenges and opportunities in the Omni-Channel business, the rapidly changing customer experience in retail, and the importance of adaptability and innovation. Cheryl's passion for her work and her unique approach to business provides valuable insights into the evolving world of retail analytics.

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