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Ep. 44 - Innovative Leadership with Jeanelle Harris of Outdoor Cap

Discover the trailblazing journey of Jeanelle Harris, the visionary CEO leading Outdoor Cap on the latest episode of the Doing Business in Bentonville Podcast

A DBB podcast episode on 'Innovative Leadership with Jeanelle Harris of Outdoor Cap'

Table of Contents

Discover the trailblazing journey of Jeanelle Harris, the visionary CEO leading Outdoor Cap.

The latest DBB episode offers a rare glimpse into the experiences that honed Harris's leadership skills, from her roots in health science to her impactful career at Olivet International. Andy Wilson joins Jeanelle to celebrate the mentorship of Jim Hayworth and the rigorous standards set by Walmart that shaped Jeanelle's business acumen. Revel in the stories of the vibrant culture at Outdoor Cap and the passionate team that brings innovation to the retail landscape.

This episode isn't just about headwear; it's a testament to the power of workplace culture and the endless pursuit of customer delight. Listen to their discussion on the conscious choices Outdoor Cap makes to keep its employees thriving and satisfied, from generous stipends to tackle rising gas prices to the strategic use of net promoter scores to gauge and enhance customer satisfaction.

Jeanelle and Andy unveil how these efforts are not just uplifting the team but are also translating into top-notch service and product quality that customers love.

Prepare to be inspired by Outdoor Cap's dedication to innovation and sustainability as DBB spotlights their latest creation, the OC Flex trucker mesh back cap.

Jeanelle shares the intricate dance of art and science behind their headwear designs and the importance of aligning with consumer preferences.

The duo also delve into the heartwarming success of Junk Brands and how Outdoor Cap is embracing digital transformation to continue its legacy. Join DBB for an exploration of a company that's not just selling caps, but also building a community and defining the future of outdoor brands.

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