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Ep. 19 - Mastering the Omnichannel Retail Universe - with Ryan Monigan

Ryan Monigan, Vice President, Walmart Client Services at Flywheel Digital discusses how suppliers can carve out success in the ever-evolving retail landscape

A DBB podcast episode on 'Mastering the Omnichannel Retail Universe - with Ryan Monigan'

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Ryan Monigan joins Andy Wilson on the latest episode of Doing Business in Bentonville Podcast. This conversation with Ryan promises to be an enlightening exploration into the future of retail, particularly the impact of Omnichannel Retail. Ryan talks about the recent transformation of Walmart stores into Omnichannel friendly spaces, and Ryan's invaluable insight on the importance of investing in people and stores, reminiscent of his golden Walmart days.

In the second half of our engaging discourse, we set our sights on how suppliers can carve out success in the ever-evolving retail landscape. Ryan shares his wisdom on the art of translating your brand's headquarters information into retailer-specific lingo, gives us a sneak peek into the algorithm that fuels search results, and teaches us how to prioritize Walmart. Discover how to optimize your products for retailer-specific search, drive sales and profit growth, and leverage retail media networks for maximum promotional impact. If you're a new seller aiming to conquer the retail universe, especially with Walmart's focus on purchasing or assembling goods in the USA by 2030, this is one episode you don't want to miss. Ryan's expert guidance is your gateway to success!